November 5, 2016


Rococo Jet​ – “Mysterium Tremens” – LP
The first full-length from Rococo Jet (Nora Keyes & Jimi Cabeza – formerly Roco Jet). This record includes some gorgeous violin played by Rebecca Lynn of The Centimeters. This is a beautiful record perfect for rainy nights and long drives in solitude. Limited pressing of 300 records (200 on 180 Gram black vinyl and 100 on translucent purple vinyl) packaged inside a full-color jacket with artwork by Nora Keyes.

Human Behavior​ – “Kedumim” – LP / CD
Human Behavior is back with the final chapter in their trilogy of records that put modern spins on biblical stories. This record takes some new turns musically and focuses heavily on relationship between technology and tradition. Limited pressing of 300 records (200 on 180 Gram black vinyl and 100 on black and red starburst vinyl) packaged inside a die-cut jacket with artwork by Morgan Anderson. The CD version is also limited to 300 copies and is packaged in full-color digipaks. The CD version is co-released with Related Records.

Whitman + Jon Barba – “Burnt Bridges” – Lathe-Cut 7″
A four song EP that is a collection of songs that were collaboratively written and recorded by Whitman and Jon Barba (Nicole Kidman). The sounds explored in these recordings form a perfect hybrid between Whitman’s stark and poetic songwriting and Barba’s heart-on-sleeve lo-fi pop. Recorded between 2010 and 2012 in Oakland and Banning, California. Limited-edition of 20 lathe-cut 7-inch records with Risograph printed covers of artwork by Christopher Payne.

Night Auditor – “Drugz” – 7″
This is the first studio EP by Night Auditor and it was produced by Chris Schlarb at Big Ego Studios. These three songs are tinged with influences of funk, jazz, and soul but are processed through Hilal Omar Al Jamal’s psychedelic and weird world. There’s no lack of drug references or shortage of trippiness to do them to. Limited pressing of 300 records (200 on black vinyl and 100 on white vinyl with green splatter (cocaine and kush) packaged in a professionally printed jacket with artwork by Kriss Stress.

Carla Bozulich – “Red Headed Stranger” – 2 x LP
A re-issue of Carla’s 2003 cover of the Willie Nelson album of the same name for the first time on vinyl. It also includes a bonus song by Carla not found on the original album. This album includes an incredible line-up, including: Nels Cline, Devin Hoff, and even Willie Nelson himself. Limited to a pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl.

John Thill – “Heart of Grime” – Cassette
This year celebrates the 10 year anniversary of John Thill’s debut solo album, Heart of Grime. This album was originally released on compact disc by the mighty Shrimper label and we are excited to re-issue it on cassette for the first time in celebration of this monumental occasion. Limited to a pressing of 100 copies.

Night Auditor​ – “Romance” – Cassette / Lathe-Cut 7″
Night Auditor is back with a new single. It is being released in two formats, a cassette edition that features three remixes (by Ryan Beal of Norse Horse, Denier & Eras) and is packaged in a full-color O-Card, as well as a single-sided lathe-cut 7″ record cut on clear wax with a screen printed and paint splattered backside and a full-color cover. Artwork by Kristina Collantes. Both editions are limited to 50 copies each.

We are so excited to have had the honor of releasing Carla Bozulich’s Red Headed Stranger on vinyl for the first time. However, at the request of Carla, we want to inform everyone to NOT purchase her Red Headed Stranger album from anyplace except for Folktale. In her words: “It is a sham where I’ve been told I will never receive a penny—–and have not”. Folktale, on the other hand, will be paying her, as this label is about supporting artists.

Additionally, the first 300 people to purchase the original version of that album were supposed to get a FREE bonus CD called I’m Gonna Stop Killing, somehow you can still BUY this CD on its own over 10 years later. Per Carla’s request, we have put the bonus compilation up for free download through and you can download it here: