Anni Rossi & Whitman

Anni Rossi & Whitman


10-INCH (BLACK VINYL)  |  Edition of 300
10-INCH (BURGUNDY VINYL)  |  Edition of 200  |  OUT OF PRINT

This record is a collaboration between Anni Rossi and Whitman that was recorded in 2004 in small rooms in both Riverside and Valencia, California. Written together both lyrically and musically and recorded to a cassette 4-track, these lo-fi pop songs live in their world. Sounding unlike either artists solo efforts, these weird but endearing songs are a breed all their own.

Released as a pressing of 500 10-inch records (300 on black vinyl, and 200 on burgundy vinyl). The records come housed in white record jackets that are screen-printed with artwork by Kristina Collantes. Includes a digital download card.

Co-released with: People In A Position To Know.


01 And Now You're Just A Ghost
02 Boot Camp In Idaho
03 Glaciers
04 Val Verde
05 At The Swimming Pool
06 The Box Springs
07 Different Dogs