Dangers of Intimacy

FT033 / FT006

SINGLE-SIDED LP  |  Edition of 500
CDR  |  Edition of 400  |  OUT OF PRINT
3-INCH CDR  |  Edition of 100  |  OUT OF PRINT

This is the debut release by Gowns, who on this record are: Erika Anderson (EMA) and Ezra Buchla (The Mae-Shi). It also features guest vocals from Carla Bozulich (Evangelista, Geraldine Fibbers). Various objects are plucked and strummed and vocals are whispered soft and sexily under a layer of buzzing cables and hissing machines. This record is both beautiful and haunting.

LP VERSION (FT033): Released on single-sided white-vinyl LP's in an edition of 500, housed in white jackets that are hand screen printed and splattered in gold ink. Includes a digital download.

CDR VERSION (FT006): Released on CDR's in an edition of 400, housed in digipaks stenciled in gold spray paint with various found objects.

3-INCH CDR VERSION (FT006): Released on 3-inch CDR's in an edition of 100. Housed in covers adorned with various found objects and caked in gold spray paint. Includes an insert.


01 Thick Light
02 Feathers
03 Gloves
04 Apple
05 ( )
06 Sugar