John Thill

President of Happiness


CASSETTE  |  Edition of 100

John Thill, former Inland Empire resident, has no doubt become a Southern California staple and one of it's most influential performers. After years of performing with the garbage-folk-noise project known as The Aum Rifle, the tropical hip-hop / free-jazz group known as Quem Quaeritis, and a hand full of other projects and jokes, Thill began performing solo. His debut release "Heart of Grime" was released on Shrimper in 2007, and though he has released quite an extensive discography since, this is only his second proper full-length album - and we are very excited to be the ones to share it with you. This record is far less abrasive than it's predecessor and expands new grounds and instrumentation that create some of Thill's most well constructed and memorable songs to date, showing what a talented songwriter he really is.

Released on pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes with full-color covers. Includes a digital download.


01 Whittier
02 Farewell Pomona
03 Santa Ana Pass
04 Smog Machine
05 Pomona Girls
06 Unresolved Grace
07 President Of Happiness
08 Engagement Ring
09 County Line
10 Alleyways
11 Wrong Man
12 Hacienda Heights
13 Sacramento