Dust Unsettled: Ten Years of Whitman


COMPACT DISC  |  Edition of 200

On April 20th, 2002, Whitman gave his first performance in a church in Highland, California. Wearing a flannel hunting jacket, a long black wig, and sunglasses he strummed a severely out of tune guitar with only three strings. It's doubtful that anyone in the room would have imagined that ten years later, he would still be performing. But since then he has given birth to 29 releases (not including compilation appearances), and toured extensively through multiple continents. His music has gone through many transformations over the years, but has never strayed from being brutally honest. This release collects 17 songs from various split's and compilations. It also contains several previously unreleased recordings.

Released on glass mastered and pro-replicated CD's (not CD-R's) that come in full color jackets with artwork by Emma Backman.


01 Here's To Denying Our Existence
02 So✯Cal
03 Neon Heaven
04 All Is Golden
05 Cure For Riverside
06 Light Dancing
07 A Handful Of Happiness
08 Love Is Kind Of A Dirty Word
09 I
10 I Heart LA
11 Kingsley
12 Ever Since You Left
13 Moderate
14 Wishes & War Paint
15 Interlude
16 Under Your Skies
17 Scorpion