John Thill

The Greatest Hits of John Thill Vol. II


LP  |  Edition of 500

John Thill served as the front man of the deranged-folk outfit The Aum Rifle and the tropical hip-hop ensemble Quem Quaeritis. He ventured off solo briefly performing accordion based songs under the moniker Cloud Shirt and finally began releasing music under his own name. Though he released a few instrumetal recordings via his now defunct label Nightpass, his first fully-realized album was a harsh-pop record called Heart of Grime that we released on Shrimper in 2007. Since then he has released countless cassette's, Compact Disc's, and small run seven-inch records. Thill became known for his spastic live performances and fucked-up yet humorous narratives about drug abuse and growing up in the wasteland of Southern California's Inland Empire. This record collects eighteen songs culled from ten different releases, and includes one previously un-released recording. This is the definitive Thill release, whether you are already a fan or hearing him for the first time.

Released as a pressing of 500 LP's housed in full-color jackets designed by Cora Foxx. Includes a digital download.

Co-released with: Shrimper and Your Warmth.


01 Midwest Vacation
02 Broken Freeways
03 The Good Men
04 The Eclipse
05 Gold Spraypaint
06 In The Valley
07 Drugs
08 I Burned Down Your House
09 Wiccan Girl
10 What Is Los Angeles?
11 We Smoked Speed
12 Love DUI
13 The Pill Book
14 Las Lonely Girls
15 This Bed Is Not A Bed
16 Farewell Pomona
17 Rich Girlfriend
18 Slow Rapture