Whitman / Quem Quaeritis



CASSINGLE  |  Edition of 100

Quem Quaeritis was a trio comprised of Walt Disney, American Gil, and Mark TV who performed what they self-proclaimed as "tropical hip-hop". In 2005 they played their "final" show but made a brief comeback a year or so later. During this short-lived reunion they recorded "Taco Party" and released it online in the form of a music video. Shortly after it's release the band once again called it quits, this time for good. Now, years later, we are giving this single a proper release, along with a remix done by the band, and it only seemed right to pair it with Whitman's "Tacos Like E'ryday", which aside from being released into the digital music world in 2010 along with a music video of it's own, had yet to see a proper release either. On this track Whitman sets down his acoustic guitar, wipes the tears from his eyes, and raps about eating tacos and living in LA. This song is a collaboration with Clark 8 and came to fruition in the car while the two were on tour together (a little internet digging will turn up video proof of this). In addition to Whitman's original, there are five additional remixes of the song.

Released in an edition of 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes housed inside a full-color, wrap-around o-cards with artwork by Brian Blomerth. Includes a digital download card.

01 Taco Party
02 Taco Party Amerimix


01 Tacos Like E'ryday
02 Anthony Hansen - "Tacos Like E'ryday (E-Z Listening Remix)"
03 Treasure Mammal - "Tacos Everyday With Green To Red Salsa Machine Head Cumbia Remix"
04 Eli Chartkoff - "Tacos Like E'ryday (What Is Rap?) Remix"
05 H.O.A.J. - "The White Man Joint (I Stay High) Remix"
06 Geoff Geis & Sean Carnage - "Incredible Tacos Remix"