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Against the Dust


Cassette boxset  |  Edition of 100

This release collects the three essential Whitman albums, all for the first time on cassette. Though each album has it's own unique sound, all of them were created while working with a slew of additional musicians. Ezra Buchla (Gowns), Carla Bozulich (Evangelista, Geraldine Fibbers), Henry Barnes (Amps for Christ), Corey Fogel, Sean Bonnette (Andrew Jackson Jihad), Erika Anderson (EMA, Gowns), and Anni Rossi, are but a few of the collaborators who have worked on these recordings, taking them into new and uncharted territory. Viewed as a trilogy of albums recorded with heavy collaboration, this set includes: White Sunrise (2008), Dog Rose Gall (2011), and Restoring Darkness (2014).

Released on three pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes, housed inside of a cassette audiobook with artwork done by Morgan Anderson.

Cassette boxset