Rococo Jet

Mysterium Tremens


LP (180 GRAM BLACK)  |  Edition of 200
LP (TRANSLUCENT PURPLE)  |  Edition of 100

Los Angeles ethereal psych prophets Rococo Jet are the trinity of underground musicians Nora Keyes (vocals, synth), Jimmi Cabeza de Vaca (guitar, synth, piano), and Rebecca Lynn (violin), with additional guest players John Perreira, Mitchell Brown & Jack Name. Rococo Jet offers the evolution of Keyes' soulful precocious music, delving deeper into questions first pondered by her earlier band, intergalactic glam rock stompers Fancy Space People. The trio are at once the shadow of themes and simultaneously the illumination of questions Keyes posed in her work with Fancy Space People, creating dark ponderous tapestries of gossamer contemplations. In Keyes' mythology, a Rococo Jet is the dazzling bejeweled craft flown by the utopian spirits embodied by the Fancy Space People. The ship presents no external machinery, instead finding its heavenly composition in flesh transcended into light and electricity through sonic means. This concept of evolutionary consciousness in motion cuts the perfect parallel to the music of Rococo Jet.

Rococo Jet first introduced their meditative live experience in 2012. The group released their debut 7” single on Folktale Records in 2013 following acclaimed performances in which they provided live soundtracks to the films Sunrise (1927) and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920). November will find Rococo Jet releasing their full length debut Mysterium Tremens; a record as dark, enigmatic, and full of possibilities as the wide expanses of deep space. Keyes describes the title as meaning “to tremble in the face of the Mysteries”, a feeling of the world beyond our world. A sense of the occult cosmic wilderness at the distant periphery of our basic human perceptions swirls and cascades throughout Mysterium Tremens somehow enlightening listeners through asking more questions than delivering answers. With their debut, Rococo Jet have plumbed the primordial essence of the universe to ponder the hints of “subtle doorways nature presents in fuchsia tones against periwinkle blues; the coalescence of beauty and spirit, awaking, alchemical marriage, disillusionment, and return to the source” as Keyes cryptically discloses.

Keyes works as the engineer at Mad Hattie’s Studios and is responsible for the production sound of Rococo Jet’s material. Utilizing multi tracked compositions by Jimi Cabeza de Vaca & improvisations by Rebecca Lynn, John Perreira, Mitchell Brown & Jack Name she collages melodic worlds. This has allowed for unique sonic experimentation in the creative process as she takes influence from her history as an established visual artist and applies similar techniques to her musical work. Much as a painter works with the flow of brushes and oils or the sculptor sees through negative space and works with the clay to achieve a vision, Keyes forms, shapes, and tones aural vistas from which she then carves her phantasmic melodies. She describes a sense of liberation in her work with Rococo Jet; a method of finding “harmonic mesmerization as dimensional keys to free entrapped selves.” This liberty is immediately felt in the exhale of Rococo Jet’s spacious soundscapes; a type of music that aims past the stars and into the void of the unknown.

Pressing of 300 records (200 on 180 Gram black vinyl and 100 on translucent purple vinyl). Records come in professionally printed, full-color jackets and include an insert and digital download card.


01 Violent Flame
02 Dream Party
03 Open Door
04 Safron Saddled Sailing Sage
05 Kingdom Of The Sun
06 White Witch
07 Oracle
08 Precious Heart