Roco Jet - cover

Rococo Jet

Rococo Jet


7-INCH (BLACK VINYL)  |  Edition of 200
7-INCH (CLEAR VINYL)  |  Edition of 100


Rococo Jet is a collaboration between Jimi Cabeza (Cabeza De Vaca, Dios) and No-ra (Nora Keyes, The Centimeters, Fancy Space People). Rococo Jet is an experiment to find methods to remove the constraints that hinder the personal evolution of creativity of it's members. It has been found in previous experiments and late night questioning by Rococo Jet that idealized thought forms can cloud the creative valve and make the organic expression of art compromised. This expression of soul, which the members of Rococo Jet believe to be as essential as nutrition to our species, is their quest. It is a personal quest that contains much sifting through the philosophies of our industrialized landscape and the natural kingdoms of planet Earth. 

Released in an edition of 300 copies (200 on black vinyl and 100 on coke bottle clear). They come with full-color covers designed by Nora Keyes and include a insert and digital download card.


01 Oracle
02 Open Door